I extend a warm welcome to you on a new web-site of the information bulletin «Banknotes of the World: Cash circulation. Analysis. Counterfeiting» published by INTERCRIM-PRESS for over 15 years. I beg you not to consider it as irrelevant boasting, but our magazine is a quite rare phenomenon for Russian media space. First of all, we surely have a long experience that helped us to overcome all intricacies and problems in recent years that can’t stop falling down on print and electronic media, and, secondly, it’s the topics debated in the Banknotes of the World that make it so unique, as we were first who started publishing periodical editions on cash circulation in Russia and overseas.

We are honoured to have the Bank of Russia among our subscribers, as well as commercial credit institutions, manufacturers of banknote equipment and security printing suppliers, Cash-in-Transit, police and customs service, and many other state or private entities who deal with cash management in any form not only in Russia, but other countries from Hong Kong to London.

We publish this magazine according to the agreement signed long ago with the Bank of Russia and the Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Flip through the Banknotes of the World, and you’ll find news on currency industry in Russia and abroad, articles on cash cycle, future of cash in a changing payment landscape, latest banknote security technologies and many other things standing for «cash circulation». From my experience, I know that expert materials on counterfeiting, detection and analysis of new counterfeit bills, both Russian rubles and other currencies, raise a particular interest among our readers.

I hope that our magazine will be a useful source of information! Please, forward your feedbacks, suggestions and recommendations at bsm@icpress.ru. We appreciate any critical remarks, as nobody could avoid sad mistakes and slips which will be much easier to check and eliminate thanks to our readers.