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Banknotes of the World (BoW) delivers a comprehensive outlook on world cash circulation with a strong focus on Russia and CIS-countries.

BoW magazine is dedicated to all the aspects of cash cycle, including cash management models, currency industry innovations, cash and digital payments, analysis of genuine and counterfeit notes including U.S. Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Chinese Yuan, etc. Through our engagement we undertake efforts to provide stakeholders with a unique knowledge about current trends and challenges the industry is facing today in Russia and beyond.

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Our magazine is currently undergoing a turbulent period due to financial constraints, and need your help to keep on making a case for cash which is a universal payment method. We believe that cash is a matter of privacy and a free choice without any discrimination whatsoever.

Signing up to BoW magazine, you contribute to a better, more secure world where tradition and innovation go together creating a truly diverse payments landscape.

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2017 Archive Issues for Free As a first-time subscriber, you get 12 issues in PDF files
Receive Counterfeit Banknote Analysis Each BoW issue provides a detailed analysis of one counterfeit note with high resolution images
New Banknotes in Circulation Subscribers get the information about the recent banknote series introduced and their security features
Free Access to Currency of the World Database Database is an intuitive and comprehensive resource on the world’s banknotes and coins (Section I)
Advertising Opportunities Get a 10% discount on advertising your cash solutions and products

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